Windows vs MacOS – which operating system is better?

We come across people who are big fans of Windows OS and others who are big fans of Mac OS. Sometimes, people are caught unaware regarding what the other side has to offer.

Over 80% of people are Windows users. We can comparatively observe Windows and Mac OS:

Setup processes for either of the operating systems is clean and polished. Both can be setup without signing into an account by Apple or Microsoft. However post signing in, the user experience is better. Otherwise, a user may have to miss out upon goodies such as messages, app roaming, voice assistants and syncing machines.

Voice commands can be used to install Microsoft OS through Cortana.

Following installation, either of the systems has logging in options that supersede the sign in functionality. In case your MacBook pro has a touch bar, signing in into the Mac can be accomplished by a finger. A user also has a choice at logging in by using their Apple Watch or iPhone.

Over Windows 10 as well, one comes across a range of corresponding exciting features. Over Windows 10, one finds Hello which has a number of biometric login options. Face login is the coolest among the lot but is available for higher end PCs only, along with each of the Surface devices.

Windows Hello also renders support for fingerprint readers. This is available for laptops such as HP Spectre 13.

The Windows 10 start button offers an easy access to documents, settings and apps. In macOS, however, frequently used apps can be pinned to the Dock or made desktop icons out of. One can figure them out in the Applications folder.

If we consider hardware choices, Apple brings fine choices for your selection. But the range of Windows PCs is exceedingly high, and so is the number of peripherals that one can use. They include Raspberry Pi, VR Headsets and HoloLens.


There are a number of ways in which the two operating systems are different. A user’s priorities play a defining role in his selection of the OS. If gaming means a lot to you, Windows OS may be the right choice to go for. If alternately, the focus lies over creativity, Mac OS may be the better choice.

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