How secure is the Windows operating system?

The OS that a user deploys does render its effects over the system’s security stance. But an OS does not come across as a flawless safeguard.

A breach is nowadays more likely to originate as a cyberattack, rather than originating from the system. Over 80% of hackers nowadays keep social engineering as a part of their attack strategies.

Malware tends to get on to the system through the means of plugins, utilities, extensions and software downloaded by user. Even while choosing to go ahead with a strong OS is a fine point to get started with, constant vigilance, strong firewalls and user education are equally important for a good system security.

Windows: A reasonably secure OS

Across the world, over 88% computers on the internet run a version of windows. Microsoft correspondingly makes sustainable efforts to scale the security of all system that use Windows.

Microsoft’s efforts towards improvement come in the format of rewriting the OS codebase time and again, enhancing firewalls, adding in software program of its own and using sandbox architecture. With the sandbox architecture in place, the programs do not access the memory space of either the OS or other applications.

While Windows is exceedingly popular, this too comes by as a problem. The numbers of installed Windows OSs is magnanimous. Hence for malware creators, Windows enables a vast play ground. Similarly, creating malware for Windows enables malware developers to find the maximum returns for their efforts.

A number of industry experts believe that Windows is not an OS which is as safe as MacOS. The prime reason for the same is that adoption rates for consumers are exceedingly high. Going by the historical record, in the past, Windows comes by as the most targeted OS as compared to the competitors.

Keeping your system secure

Irrespective of the OS that a user or an enterprise chooses to go ahead with, applying software updates as soon as they appear is a fine way to ensures high levels of system security. Using strong passwords and creating unique passwords for each of one’s account or website helps as well.

Ultimately, each decision made over the systems reflects over their security. This includes choosing the right operating system for users to work upon.

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